The Bottom


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Released January 19th 2016.


released January 19, 2016


Matt Wilson // Guitar + Vocals
Jake Otto // Bass + Vocals
Ryan McMaster // Drums

All songs written and performed by Letdown.
Recorded , Engineered, and Produced by Terry Benn.
Special thanks to Trevor Johns, Evan Payne and Conor Gray.



all rights reserved


LETDOWN Oshawa, Ontario

Three dudes playing fast music that might get stuck in your head.

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Track Name: Deficiency
Everyday you'll see me searching for the same thing
Maybe you could do the right thing for once
Do you tell yourself that it was never worth it ?
Take those pills out from your purse say your done

And all I ever asked
Is that now we'll forget the past
And have a house not made of glass
And maybe something could stop breaking apart

Maybe I'm not fine
Lately I'm not holding my breathe for the time
Things will be alright
Well maybe I'm done chasing
The life I know you wasted
Well now I hope you know I tried

And every night
It's like my heads about to burst
Because I think about the worst things you've done

And all I ever asked
Is that now we'll forget the past
And have a house not made of glass
And maybe something could stop breaking apart

And now I've gotta let it go
And now you know
Track Name: I'm Not Complex, I'm Just From One
I'm a loser , a liar , a poser , a fake
I still feel neglected I guess I'm to blame
I'm trying to find something better for me
Maybe I'll find just a home I can keep

Everything I work for
Is never gunna change
Everything you hoped for
You'll never find in me
I said I'm sorry for the person I became
I can only bend,
But I sure as hell can't break

Me down,
Im lower than dirt but I guess I deserve this now
I try
But I'm still a child
Still reckless and wild
Track Name: Placement
So comfort me
In the darkness of this cold and shallow grave
With everything that still keeps me awake
It seems,
That everything I touch all seems to change
You'll see,
That all my friends will never be the same

You know its hard for me to prove,
But I'll still beg you for forgiveness like I always do
Wide awake, same mistakes
I make them everyday
If I'm not worth your time than whats your time worth anyway?

So bury me
With all the things still in between
The things I say , and what I mean
So whats it take for you to just believe?
Theres a place where I'm really gunna make this
It might be far , but I feel like I can taste it
If I could go back
I don't know if I'd change a fucking thing
Track Name: The Bottom
With all these thoughts inside my head
I find it hard to make them real
And just to sleep in my own bed
I can't remember how that feels
Like waking up inside a house that I know
I could call my home
And just to have more than a backpack
Filled with everything I own

Please tell me why I feel so low
Someone take me higher
Im so tired of life on the bottom

Im not that bad
Despite the things that I,
Will probably never have
I'm counting ships I've sunk,
The things I've done,
And the smoke that fills my lungs
Im not that bad

So let me paint you all a picture
Of just everything I found
Just like everyone I know
You saved yourselves and let me drown